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(POST) GUT BUSTER Brunchies at Fix Coffee, 626 Night Market in Pasadena, Unique LA, & MORE

Hi Folks!

Fair warning – this blog post is bursting at the seams.  Oh, we’ll contain it, but that won’t stop us from doing a little happy jig while typing it out.  (Update: I’m doing jig, SG refuses.)

If you’re like us, you’re planning Saturday’s activities on Monday.  Already ahead of me?  If I may, I’d like to add a couple of events to add to your To-Do list and they are pretty awesome.

Back for Brunch in Echo Park  - Fix Coffee

We’re back at Fix Coffee for our brunchie goodness this Saturday, April 14 – 9am-12pm at Fix Coffee in Echo Park!  We heart our monthly spot at this coffee oasis and if you haven’t been through yet, please stop by.  Let us tempt you with our brunch menu ways:
Savory:  Savory Kale Gruyere Pain Perdu with Spiced Pear/Burrata Salad
Sweet: Strawberry French Toast with Brûléed Baby Bananas topped with Salted Caramel Sauce


Fix Coffee (We’ll be there 9am-12pm)
2100 Echo Park Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026
Free Street Parking


Southern California’s First Asian Night Market – 626 Night Market in Pasadena!

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be setting up our booth once again in Pasadena (we loved the love at last year’s Artisanal LA Holiday Show,) this time we’re outdoors and looking forward to enjoying a fantastic Spring evening with new loves.  What is a night market?  According to WikiNight markets or night bazaars are street markets which operate at night and are generally dedicated to more leisurely strolling, shopping, and eating than more businesslike day markets.

We just hear, “Awesome awesomeness.”  And it’s FREE!!  Swing by for treats from all over LA and San Gabriel!

P.S.  If you swing by early before 6pm, mention the Early Bird special and get $1 off your order!


626 Night Market (5pm-11:30pm)
N. Oakland Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101, between Colorado Boulevard and E. Union Street
Street & Lot Parking


Woo!  We’re Back For More Spectacular Fun At Unique LA’s Spring Show!

We know that the State of Unique team curates each event with a fine tooth, err… selection tool, so we’re happy to be a part of another Unique LA event showcase in Downtown Los Angeles.  Their Spring Show (May 12th & 13th) is an awesome way to bring in the heat since designers, artists, and artisans bring their A game to this event.  Kids, Gals, Dudes, and even pups/kitties can get their shop on.  And should you need a refueling station, the two cafes (we’ll be here) and other food booths are there to appease your hunger.  And we’ll be there with new treats for your tums.  WEEHEE!!


Unique LA Spring Show
Saturday & Sunday, May 12-13, 2012 (11am-6pm both days)
The California Market Center (110 East Ninth Street, LA, CA 90079)
$10 online or at the door.

We’re Looking For Interns!

Looking for an internship this summer?  Well, Crème Caramel LA is looking for an Intern!
Hit us up at cremecaramella@gmail.com for more info.  :)



Screen Shot 2012-01-19 at 11.53.58 AM

Brunch Time at Fix Coffee and Melrose Place Farmers Market – This Weekend. :)

It’s going to be a beautiful 70 degrees tomorrow, so why not spend the morning with us with a lovely cup o’ Intelligentsia joe from the folks at Fix Coffee and Crème Caramel LA’s brunch items?  There are plenty of dog-friendly outdoor and indoor bar and cafe seating, so swing by for eats. :)

Here’s our menu:
1) White Chocolate French Toast with Brûléed Bananas and Salted Caramel Sauce.
2) Savory Pain Perdu with Parmesan and Asiago Cheese and Pancetta with a side Spiced Crab Apple & Bosc Pear spring salad garnished with burrata.
3) We’ll also have an assortment of our crème caramel and bread pudding for dessert. :)

We’re also back at our Melrose Place Farmers Market spot with eats this Sunday, February 26th.   BUT we will be out of town the following weekend, so make sure to get your eats THIS WEEKEND!

Farmers Market Menu:
Crème Caramel: Original (Vanilla), Green Tea/White Chocolate, Ube (Purple Yam)
Bread Pudding: Original (Vanilla), Caramelized Bacon, Peanut Butter Cup


Our Lovely Friend, Cast Iron Gourmet Has a GREAT Deal for Bacon Lovers!

Check out her post below!  AWESOME TOWN!

Start the year off with Bacon & Friends!

Bacon 101 Class


The holidays might be over, but Cast Iron Gourmet is still in that giving kind of mood. (I mean, we make bacon all day…we’re pretty darn happy, folks!)

Now, when you buy one Makin’ Bacon 101 Class, you get one class for free!  And, if you buy a class by 1/27 you can bring a guest…on us! It’s like having a lab partner all over again, except this time there are no tests or bunsen burners — just plenty of fun and lots of bacon!

Ready to sign up? Look at you, getting all proactive and stuff! Well, follow these easy steps:

1. Visit our site: http://castirongourmetla.com/collections/store/products/makin-bacon-101

2. Select your preferred class(es)

3. We’ll send you a confirmation email. Reply to that email with the code words:

FREEBIE (for just the free class)


FREEBIE and BUDDY (to get a free class and to bring a friend to a class)

We’ll respond with all the details!

See you soon, fellow bacon enthusiasts!

Screen Shot 2012-01-24 at 1.23.01 PM

Fix Coffee Brunch Part Deux + Afternoon Delight Crème Caramel LA Style in Echo Park

I know what you’re thinking.  “What an amazing depiction of…?”  it’s a dragon.  I know it looks like a cross between a pomeranian and a frog.  No wonder my prints aren’t selling.

Happy Chinese New Year!  2012 is the Year of the Dragon!  RAWR!  (Ok, that’s more Tiger. My year.)  If you started and stopped your resolutions, guess what?  You get another chance!  WOOHOO!!

Speaking of 2nd chances… (segue inserted here.)

Whether you caught us on Saturday or didn’t make it out because of the rain, we’re back for brunchies in Echo Park at the most awesome neighborhood coffee stop, Fix Coffee, this Saturday! We’re not at the Melrose Place Farmers Market on Sunday, (missing next three weeks, be back on February 19th!) so we’re extending our hours at Fix until 2:00pm! Serving not only our brunch items, but we’ll have our crème caramel and bread pudding desserts on hand as well.

We’re bringing back last week’s brunch items:
Savory Pain Perdu: with pancetta, asiago, and parmesan cheese topped with a lightly dressed baby greens/persimmon/pomelo salad

Vanilla Bean French Toast: with brûléed baby bananas and salted caramel sauce.

AND… we’re also bringing our desserts!
Crème Caramel: Original, Thai Tea, Ube/Macapuno, Buko/Pandan

Bread Pudding: Original, Caramelized Bacon, and Chocolate/Peanut Butter Cup

We’ll be ready to serve at 9am and will be onsite until 2pm (or until we sell out.)  Added bonus for you our fine friends, coupon for $1 dessert if you buy a brunch item!





Brunch Time at Fix, Melrose Place FM, & LOCAL LOVE – Unique LA Style

Good Friday, Friends!

Hope you’re having a fantastic 2012 so far. :)  It’s been great for us too, except this cold makes me want to eat comfort food every day.  And comfort food for us is Burgers and Pizza.  As luck turns out, 800 Degrees (from the awesome minds at Umami Burger) in Westwood just opened up, so the fam took a little field trip last weekend for Neopolitan style pizzas.


As you can see in the pic, the line was already at the door.  The pies are served a little differently at 800 Degrees:  counter service style.  You indicate to the chef which of the three bases you want: Margherita, Bianca, or Marinara) and then proceed to add your proteins, veggies, cheese, more cheese, and more cheese, please, toppings.  Pizza spends just one minute in the wood-burning oven and then it’s ready for you to eat!  We grabbed 4 pies and went to town.  The dough was perfect; crispy edges, and tender middle.  Fragrant sauce and fresh toppings.  At the time wine or beer was not yet available, but what they did have was the Willy Wonka of Soda Machines.  A BILLION FLAVORS (maybe closer to 100 flavors) of Coca-Cola products were available for your drinking pleasure.  The ultimate SUICIDE drink!  Good eats that evening.  We’ll definitely be back.  One thing to note – get there EARLY (aim for a 6pm dinner).  Any later and you’ll end up waiting in line for over an hour (we waited about 1/2 an hour – timed from walking in the door and sitting for eats.)


WEE!  Back to back chances to catch our eats this weekend: Saturday – Brunch Time at Fix Coffee in Echo Park and Sunday – Melrose Place Farmers Market in West Hollywood!

Saturday – Brunch at FIX COFFEE in Echo Park!  We’ll be ready with two NEW eats this Saturday:



We’re super excited for you to try our new brunch items!!  I know rain might be in the forecast, but fear not!  Fix Coffee folks have both indoor AND covered outdoor seating (but wear warm clothes too.)!!

Sunday – Back at Melrose Place Farmers Market:

WEE!  We’re back!  And BOOOO, we’ll be gone again after Sunday for three weeks.  (Back at our booth on Sunday, February 19th)  If you’re not able to swing by on Sunday, no worries!  We still have our regular “delivery 7 days a week in Los Angeles and Orange County with just a 48 hour notice” service!  We are working on keeping our promise to minimize our time away from this farmers market this year.  We hate missing out on our neighborhood market.  But we can’t be sad face about it.  When we’re apart, we get to do stuff like this:


Ok, how cute is the event logo?  We’re happy to be a part of another fantastic event produced by the Unique LA folks and this time, the focus on all things Los Angeles produced and loved!  We’ll be back filling bellies with our hot bread pudding and cool crème caramel in the Cafe area on Saturday and Sunday, February 11-12.  No pre-sale tickets this time, which means GET THERE EARLY to avoid the long lines!  Set your countdown clocks…. NOW!

Hope to see you this weekend!



It’s Our Anniversary! (Thanks Artisanal LA For An Awesome Time!)

This time last year, we were in our 2nd day of Artisanal LA’s Holiday Pop-Up.  We’d stayed up the night before and cooked instead of sleeping and we were beat.  But even though we were bone tired, we could not have been happier finally slangin’ away our bread pudding and crème caramels to our Los Angeles community.  We were finally making that first step towards doing what we love – making bellies happy and meeting great people along the way.  (Photos below from Grace M from last year’s show.)

A year later, it’s the day after Artisanal LA’s 2nd Holiday Pop-Up and we were super happy to celebrate our year in business with this event once again.  For the first time, we were able to showcase our treats in the city of Pasadena along with a few new and of course, our “old” loved food crafters friends.  The event was more intimate, but definitely did not skimp on the warmth and spirit of the holidays from vendors and attendees.  (And to those who stopped by and said, “We saw you at last year’s event!”  Thank you.  Thanks for coming by again.)  Thanks to Cast Iron Gourmet, All Spice Cafe, Kings Road Apothecary, Mother Moo Creamery, Anca’s Romanian, I Heart Pies, Morning Glory Confections, Z Confections, fruit + flour, Orgasma de la Boca, Sweet Dreamery Desserts and SoNo Trading Company for their treats.  We’re just sad we didn’t have a chance to sample everything at the show.  Thanks again to Shawna Dawson and Nastassia Johnson for letting us be a part of the fantastic event.  It was a great success and everyone was really happy to be a part of it!

I could not ask for a better 1st year in business – support of other vendors and food bloggers that became friends, welcome and warm reception by our loves across the community (it still amazes me that people say, “we came to this event looking for you”), and last but not least, the help of our friends and family that are always going to bat for us on events and through their virtual support on Facebook and Twitter.  (Wait, maybe there’s one thing we can ask for – more sleep. ;-) )  Today is Thanksgiving for us because I’ve said it before many times, but I say it again with a happy heart,

thank you. You’re the best.

We have a few more weeks in the year and we’ll be prepping and getting ready for Holiday Orders for delivery on the 23rd. Last day to order is this Saturday, December 17th! We had a chance of plans with our schedule and unfortunately, we will not be at the Melrose Place Farmers Market for the next few weeks again.  I’m sincerely sorry.  But we will be back ready to start the new year on Sunday, January 8, 2012.  Sound like a date?  We’ll see you there!




P.S.  Thanks again, Fix Coffee, for another AWESOME Saturday brunch!!  See you next month with more (NEW?) eats!!

P.P.S.  AND CONGRATS to another successful EAT MY BLOG Charity Bake Sale!!!  They raised $4000 for the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank!!! WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!  Check out Gastronomyblog.com’s recap.  Hee thanks for posting our Pumpkin Toffee Boat Tarts. :)



Crafty Pants? More Like Lazy Pants.

I can’t take creative ownership of these paper gnomes.  I have two large boxes and shelf space of half finished crafts.  (For example, I collected cute fabric by the yard thinking I could do something with it in the future.  Ended up giving it to my Godkids’ mom.)

That being said, Paper Source‘s store display in Beverly Hills had these super cute gnomes in their window:

Obviously, their version is much cuter.  But mine was cheaper.  Guess which way I went?  Oh wait, it’s on here.

Check out my hand at Christmas crafts at this Sunday’s Artisanal LA Holiday Pop-Up Shop in Pasadena.  GET YOUR TICKETS here.   (You are welcome to point and laugh.  As long as you stop by. ;-) )



P.S.  Don’t forget – On Saturday morning , start off your holiday weekend with Intelligentsia Coffee at FIX COFFEE in Echo Park and our brunch eats OR get your afternoon treat on at EAT MY BLOG in Old Town Pasadena!

P.P.S.  Our timeframe for Holiday Orders will be coming to a close next week!  Get your orders in by December 17th to get your order delivered in Los Angeles and Orange Counties on December 23rd!


Awkward Family Photo & SO MUCH MORE! (Fix Coffee Brunch/Eat My Blog/Artisanal LA, and HOLIDAY ORDERS)

Thanks to Sonja, Jonathan, Aisha, Marat, and the other awesome State of Unique volunteers/staff for running another great show.  Crème Caramel LA had a blast.  Wonderful weekend. Especially since we got to take our Awkward Holiday Family Photo (Courtesy of Oh! Snap Studios) :) (Thanks Janice Vinoya, Christine Yoshizawa, and Anthony Yoshizawa for working the booth. And Kelsey for the kitchen help.  AND SG – fist bump, “homie”. :) )

But there’s more!

This weekend, we are CHOCKFUL of events.  I’d say it’s the most events we’ve had in a two-day span.  Prayers, good vibes, and general love sent our way would be appreciated.  Here we go!

EVENT #1: Holiday Brunch at Fix Coffee!! (echo park)

It’s been a few months and we’ve been chomping at the bit to get back to our favorite coffee spot in Echo Park – FIX COFFEE!   This Saturday, we’re setting up our (almost) monthly brunch spot with the good folks at Fix.  Here’s what we’ll have on hand:

Challah Egg Bake:
Savory bread pudding with parmesan, asiago, and burrata, topped with fresh arugula!  (Oh and yeah, you can add Caramelized Bacon.)

Baked Gingerbread French Toast:
Molasses, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves, and a little special dash of Hepp’s Salt‘s Vanilla Bean Sea Salt give this little breakfast treat a special way to start your holiday weekend.

We’ll be onsite selling these treats on Saturday (and a few bread pudding and crème caramels) from 9am until we sell out!

EVENT #2: EAT MY BLOG!! (old town pasadena)

Our treats (along with other sweet love from local Los Angeles restaurants/bakeries and food bloggers) will be on sale in PASADENA and all proceeds benefitting the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank.  And we’re switching it up this time.  Stop by and try our newest desserts from the Crème Caramel LA kitchen:

Boat Tarts: (2 Flavors on sale)
-Mango Caramel with White Chocolate nestled in a sweet tart crust
-Pumpkin Caramel with bits o’ Toffee make a nice holiday treat

Stop by the bake sale in  Old Town Pasadena from 10am-4pm to get these and many more treats!

EVENT #3: Artisanal LA Holiday !! (old town pasadena)

Last, but most definitely not least, we’re officially celebrating our 1st ANNIVERSARY of business at Artisanal LA!!  This awesome event gave us our first official launch in the Los Angeles sphere and we cannot be more grateful or humbled that we are able to participate in this event once again.  We’re happy to be participating again with a few of the vendors from last year’s show and also more awesome food artisans showcasing their treats:

*** ARTISANAL LA VENDORS (Level 1) ***
AF2 Chocolatiers aka auntie fruf’s aahsome fudge
All Spice Cafe
Cast Iron Gourmet
Crème Caramel LA
David’s Unforgettables
Domestic Doll
Earl’s Gone Wild
fruit + flour
Homegirl Industries
I Heart Pies
jenkins jellies
Kings Road Apothecary
Lady Chocolatier
Lalun Naturals, Inc.
Laura Ann’s Jams
Medina Chocolatier
Migliore Gourmet Food
Morning Glory Confections
Mother Moo Creamery
nicobella organics
Orgasmo de la Boca
Papa Steve’s No Junk Protein Bars
Plush Puffs Gourmet Marshmallows
San Angel Mole
SoNo Trading Co
SQIRL Preserves
Sweet Dreamery Desserts
The Elegant Gift
The Olive Press
Velvet Rope Bake Shop
Wallace Comestibles
Z Confections

Dee Dee’s Jams
Robin Goodfellow SoapWorks
HomeBody Botanicals
Pine Street Products
Ginger Nut Granola
Chaparral Mountain Honey Co
Jabberwocky Foods
Authentic Scandinavian Goodies
Dr. Hall’s Mercantile
Baker Goddess
The Baker’s Mark
Bread Bakers Collective
Ardenwoods Edibles
Culture Club 101
Arroyo Produce Swap Table
Arroyo Time Bank

As a special thank you for supporting us this year, if you stop by our table and say, “Happy Anniversary!”. We’ll give you $1 off each crème caramel or bread pudding you order at the show or if you decide to place an order, FREE DELIVERY in Los Angeles County!

Thank you again for all your support over this past year.  We could not be in a happier place.  (Tiring place, but happy nonetheless.)  Hope to see you this weekend!

Don’t forget!  Get your Holiday Orders in by December 17th for delivery in Los Angeles and Orange County on Friday, December 23rd.  Click on the link for this post for more details on how to order.


Love, KdlC


Our Menu for Unique LA Holiday Show (Dec 3-4, 11am-6pm) AND It’s Holidays Order Time!!

Hallo lovely friends,

We hope you’re holding things down (literally) after last night’s crazy Santa Ana winds.  I kept staring at the tree outside of my kitchen window thinking, “Don’t fall.  Don’t fall.”

That being said, hope you and your loves are safe. :)

Happy December 1st!  Or as I like to call it, the first day I can open up my Advent Calendar!  Unfortunately this year, unlike the past couple of years, my friends and I did not do a Advent Calendar Exchange, but SG’s mother sent me a virtual one online.  WEE!

Some pictures of our Advent Calendar Exchange last year:

Now for the news.  Two menus below.  One for this weekend’s Unique LA show (Get your tickets!) – Saturday and Sunday, December 3-4 (11am-6pm) AND the other our Holiday Order Menu!  Check ‘em out, if you please.  We take full responsibility of your salivating glands. :)

Unique LA Holiday Show MENU:

Crème Caramel: ($4/each)

Bread Pudding: ($5/each)

  • Original (Vanilla custard base)
  • Caramelized Bacon – w/ Cast Iron Gourmet’s Cajun Bacon
  • Holiday Spice (Gingerbread & Pumpkin Spice… yeah.  It’s kinda nice.)

HOLIDAY ORDERS 2011 MENU: (Place your order at Unique LA this weekend and get FREE DELIVERY!  Order online and get $5 off your order*!)

Crème Caramel: (Sold in 6-pack boxes – $22.50/each – up to two flavors per box.)

  • Original (Vanilla custard)
  • Eggnog (Made with Broguiere’s Eggnog)
  • Pumpkin
  • Chocolate Peppermint Candy

Bread Pudding: (Sold in 6-pack boxes – $28.50/each – up to two flavors per box.  With Salted Caramel or Cranberry Crème Anglaise topping.)

  • Original (Vanilla custard base)
  • Caramelized Bacon (with Cast Iron Gourmet’s Cajun Bacon!)
  • Holiday Spice (Gingerbread and Pumpkin Spice… yeah.  It’s kinda nice.)

Holiday Orders 2011 Schedule:

-Saturday, December 17th – Last Day to place your Holiday order.

-Friday, December 23rd – Delivery Day for all orders in Los Angeles and Orange County only.  (We are taking orders for delivery outside of these areas for BREAD PUDDING only.  Please email us at cremecaramella@gmail.com for shipping fees.)

Ready to order? Make sure to read the notes below. We’re pretty sure we covered everything, but in case you have any questions, just email us!

-Hand Delivery Fee: $15.00 (to Los Angeles and Orange County addresses only.) (Order at Unique LA this weekend and get FREE DELIVERY.  Or order online* and get $5 off your order using coupon code: “SweetHoliday” – hurry!  Coupon expires on MONDAY, December 5th!)

-Your order will be delivered on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23rd between 8am-6pm. Your delivery time frame will be confirmed on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21st via email.

-Your order will be delivered cold and will need to be refrigerated upon delivery. We will also require a signature, so please keep this in mind when entering the Ship-To address.

-Please enter the phone number on your order that we can best reach you in case we have any questions or need to contact you on the day of your delivery.

-All crème caramel and bread pudding desserts are fully-cooked and will require immediate refrigeration. We’ll provide you with instructions on how to serve the desserts (in addition to reheating instructions for the bread pudding) along with your order.

-If you have ANY questions or comments, (Order is a gift, knock on door, drop off with receptionist, etc.) please email us at cremecaramella@gmail.com with your order number and we will be happy to assist you.

Order 10 boxes for delivery in Los Angeles County or Orange County and get FREE SHIPPING on all deliveries! (Use Coupon Code: “ForMyBiz”.  We’ll email you to get the address details.)

Happy Shopping this weekend… wherever that may be.  (Ahem, Unique LA)